Thursday, September 15, 2016


I am a Sister Training Leader in Little Miami, Ohio! I am in the same stake as I was when I was in Montgomery. Sister Coleman got put in Wilmington, which is also in my stake. As a Sister Training Leader I will get to go on exchanges with her! Last Monday was eventful. Usually if you are going to be called as a STL, President will call you. I didn't get a call from him that day, and I found out that night on the call that I was going to be a STL. That was a good surprise. I am with Sister Baker from Vernal, Utah. I just love her! She and I are already best friends. She's got red hair, and I'm kind of jealous of it. I asked her if she knew the Talbot's, but she doesn't!

I had my first Stake Reports this week. That's when all the missionary leaders in the Stake get together with President Welch and also the Stake President and go over missionary numbers and progress. It was so stressful. I was just afraid to say the wrong thing. All i had to say was how we are doing really well with getting people to church, so it wasn't too bad. Afterwards we went and got Menchie's frozen yogurt, and I made everyone use my rewards card. So next time I go I have a free 5.00 reward :D Awkward moment of that night was the worker called me by my first name (she knew it because it was on my rewards account). Then an Elder called me by it too. Ahhhh! I am a missionary and my name is Sister Fultz! haha. Yes, I've become that awkward missionary.

I got to go to another church this week... haha. I went to the Vineyard. We have an investigator, Aaron, who would only come to our church if we went to his. It was pretty much a rock concert. It was good music... but i think I like our classic hymns for church better. We got free mugs! Aaron then came to our church on Sunday (his was on Saturday). He loved it! He keeps saying he'll only meet with us one more time... whatever you say Aaron! He accepted a Book of Mormon, which he originally said he wouldn't. He is making progress, and the ward welcomed him so well! We are going to see him "one last time" sometime this week, and I don't think it will be the last ;)

We went to knock on a potentials door. I hadn't met these people yet, and Sister Baker was saying they were super nice and had a little baby. We did our classic 3 knock pattern, and on the 3rd knock... they knocked back! It scared me so bad. Safe to say they didn't want us there. Oh well. First time for everything.

I did a dumb thing this week. I was flipping my water bottle around, and then it hit me in the nose. I started crying... it hurt so bad/I was laughing. It's still sore right now! Sister Baker got a good laugh, and so did Sister Coleman and Carlisle, who were on the phone with us. It doesn't help having glasses. It's the worst when I have an itch. It also makes it pretty hard to sleep at night. I'm just bummed that it didn't bruise.

Well, that's really it. I had a really fun week, and time is flying by. My 1 year mark is this week... so crazy. Sure love you all!

Sister Fultz

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