Monday, September 19, 2016

Six months to go????

Hey everyone!

So this week we had zone conference, and I had to do a training. I trained on how to have a more productive companionship. I did it with Elder Bee, and it was lots of fun! Preach My Gospel has so many awesome activities to do in comp study. It was good for me to study since I haven't liked comp study very much in the past.

This week, pretty much every investigator we had dropped us or they are ignoring us. It was sad. This coming week is going to be a week of hardcore finding. I am excited! We are going on our first exchanges of the transfer tomorrow with the Montgomery sisters. I'm going to be running the area... we will see how that goes.

Sister Baker and I both got sick this week. We had fevers and upset stomachs. It was not fun! But we pushed through it. This P-Day is much needed, that is for sure! We plan on going shopping at Target ;)

We had the tornado sirens go off this past week... so that was fun. They didn't stay on for very long, so we were safe :) we have had some crazy rain and thunder storms this week.  I loved it!

I did a lot of painting this week for a less active who is getting her house ready to sell. I didn't do too bad, which was surprising. We did outdoor painting of the trimmings around her door and the pillars on her porch. I killed some massive spiders in the process. Spiders  are 10x bigger here than in Utah, same with the squirrels!

We have a painting of boats in our apartment, so we decided to add Christ and Peter to it, hehehehe.

I have been on my mission for one whole year! Crazy how fast time goes by. I've loved it. Right now the plan is for me to come home in April... but I have a feeling that is going to change. A lot of people are going home a few weeks earlier. I don't know what President Welch's plan is yet. Hopefully I get to stay until April!

That's all folks.

Sister Fultz

 Found the Fultz headstone again
 They don't know how to English
 Taking pictures during the storm
MOM! I thought you would enjoy this 
 Taking pictures during the storm
 Taking pictures during the storm
 Sister Baker and I
 Painting with our own "fizzaz" added
Painting wth our own "fizzaz" added

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