Monday, September 26, 2016


This week was crazy!

I went on my first exchange this week. I was in Little Miami with Sister Winterton. Funny/awkward/embarrassing story... we were driving out in the country and Blanchester... and I tried to turn around on the road...don't really know what happened, but I ended up in a ditch. We were stuck... and we were blocking half the road... it was pretty awkward. Luckily there are members in Blanchester who have a truck. We called them and they pulled us out. No damage to the car! Yay! Later that night we had dinner with some members that live on a farm. They also do dog breeding. They breed Golden's and Poodles! One of the poodles just had puppies, and so I got to hold a new born poodle :) :) we also went out to see their llama and cows and chickens and a bunch of other animals. The cow was sniffing me and then tried to pull down my skirt. Also the llama is really mean and will come at you. Don't look llamas in the eye, or they'll spit at you.

This last week we got to help with Feed Ohio food drive that our ward does. On Wednesday we went around neighborhoods giving fliers and the brown paper bags door to door. One lady told us no at first because she thought we were doing religious stuff. It was hilarious when she realized that we weren't and her eyes got all wide. On Saturday morning we went back around to those houses and picked up the bags of food on their porches. We went back to a members house and sorted all the food. I felt the spirit so strong in the garage (haha sounds kinda funny). I just loved seeing us all come together to help those in need. Even the little kids were excited to help. It was a good morning!

Love you all!

Sister Fultz

 Elder Cantido and our board at District Meeting
 Pretty Sunset in a cemetary
 Funny cat
 Spiders in Ohio are big and everywhere
 An Elder has a fake tooth and left it at a members house, and so we picked it up to take to him, so we took a pic. We are the tooth fairies!
 No description needed...
Sister Winterton and I on exchanges :)

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